Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Internship at CEEweb, Hungary

Hey there! It's me Tanay here again!
So let me tell you guys about my internship. Over the summer in Budapest I worked with CEEweb (Central and Eastern European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity). I think I was assigned CEEweb due to my interests in environmental conservation, and due to some of my past experiences in this field. It was a great experience working with CEEweb.
Some of the main things that I worked on included- Reading articles on and learning about green infrastructure, environmental policies in the EU, landscape fragmentation and land use in Europe.
Then I got involved with the Green-Go fest- and annual festival organized by CEEweb for promotion of biodiversity conservation. I created posters for a short film contest (within the Green-Go Fest) in English and also in Hungarian. I created and proposed a new project management chart to CEEweb. The chart would help them solve managerial issues related to long term projects. It would help the organization track the progress of each task related to every project. Based on what we learned in class and from other speakers, I even presented some marketing tips to CEEweb.
While working there was also a lot to learn from my internship. I learned about how working in Europe differs from working in the United States- especially when you communicate with people who speak another language. I also learned a lot about the environmental policies in Europe and about how NGOs are making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. I thoroughly enjoyed working at CEEweb and only wished that I could work with them for a longer period.

The last month has been extremely enjoyable and productive at the same time. Being called the "official photographer" of the program was a great honor. Every day was just amazing. I am glad I spent a month in Budapest, and I am sure I would definitely return to this city at some point in the future.

 The poster that I made for the Green-Go Short Film Contest (English version)

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