Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Internship Report - XKK

XKK is an organization that works in several different areas. As a relatively young organization, its more specific goals are still being refined, but overall XKK works towards fair media representation, education advocacy, and Roma integration. 

Hungarian Countryside
Working for XKK - as I'm sure was the case for all the program's students - was a unique experience because I got the chance to learn about Hungary through problem solving and interaction, rather than through secondary sources. Figuring out what practices could and should be applied in Hungarian society has been an ongoing lesson, but certainly an informative one! My contact at XKK was very helpful in teaching me which solutions could work and which were not relevant here, as well as helping me gain a deeper understanding of the problems they are trying to address. 

My tasks started out as one list and over the course of the program, morphed into something completely different. In the end, my responsibilities were primarily to come up with ideas for an anti-prejudice campaign, to research successful parent network models, to create a database of NGOs with relevant causes or potential funding interest, and to identify what factors make an anti-prejudice effort successful. 

Interning in Hungary was a very valuable experience and I highly recommend it to anyone considering the program! It has been an excellent, hands-on way to learn about the region's culture, politics, NGO sector, and business environment.


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