Monday, June 4, 2012

United Way Hungary

Hello, Nicole again! Today the group visited United Way Hungary where I am doing my internship. We heard about UWH from Tamas Füzesy the current CEO about their mission, goals, programs, and fundraising.

The mission of UWH is specific to one area of the United Way Worldwide causes of income, homelessness, education, and health. In Hungary they are focused on providing education to children, teachers, and parents to prevent injuries in children ages 5-12. The video below tells more about this mission.

In the coming years UWH hopes to expand their program in order to reach more students and achieve a measurable community impact. Their goals include:
  • Expanding the Safety School program countrywide
  • Making the program a part of the national curriculum
  • Building and operating a volunteer teacher network 
  • Strengthening and coordinating the cooperation with organizations working in the child injury prevention field
  • Developing reliable injury statistics and measurement procedures with partner organizations
Unlike the traditional United Way model, UWH does not rely on payroll giving or workplace campaigns for fundraising. They are in the process of building trust within the community so that people feel comfortable giving to them. 

In the next few weeks I will post more about United Way Hungary as Kayla and I get deeper into our internship work. 

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