Friday, June 29, 2012

HAND Internship

Hey guys! This is Roshni again. Here's a little about the organization I worked with in Hungary.

My internship with HAND started late June 2012.
HAND is officially known as Hungarian Association of NGOs for development and Humanitarian Aid

It helps organizations in the nonprofit sector by providing management services such as training, research visits and and contacting donors. It also acts as a mediator for easier flow of information between the NGOs and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During this time, I met a lot of awesome people. Timea Gideon, my manager helped me understand how the organization operates and what it's main functions were. I also met the President of HAND, Mr. Laszlo who was very passionate about the organization and it's work.

On the second week after meeting Timea, I got to work on my first assignment, their Newsletter. It was fun compiling and summarizing news about various policies and government regulations in Hungary related to nonprofit organizations.

It was also challenging at times since I didn't understand Hungarian. Some websites I had to research on were completely in Hungarian, so Google translator was of great help. I was happy to work with Kati who was also interning with HAND..... even though it was only through emails :) She fixed the Hungarian part of the newsletter and I sent her all my work in English. She also worked around my overwhelming travel schedule, I would like to say thank you Kati!

With the little time I was involved with HAND and my stay in Budapest, I'm very pleased to have learned about the Hungarian history and culture and most importantly it's people . This experience has taught me a lot and given me several valuable lessons.  

If you wish to learn more about the organization, please visit

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