Thursday, June 28, 2012

Internship Report:Bátor Tábor

Hi! LaCourtney's here!

Bátor Tábor, translated as Camp of Courage or Courage Camp, is a non-profit organization based in Hungary whose mission is to help ill children to become happy and healthy again. 

I was granted the opportunity to work with this organization at it's headquarters located in Budapest. During my four weeks here, I was assigned the follwing tasks:

  • Data Entry
  • Revision of English Annual Report
  • U.S funding Resources Research
  • General Administrative Duties

Working with Bátor Tábor was definitely a wonderful experience. Over the course of this program, one concept that I have constantly been reminded of is the importance of strategy. The interesting thing is, I got the opportunity to witness how this organization's multiple operations come together to execute their strategy. I personally got to experience the difficulties these organizations face when researching financial resources.I admire the hard work and dedication that these organizations have to support their social causes.

I believe that Bátor Tábor possesses a high experienced and motivated staff. This is one organization where the mission is truly the motivation factor. I have no doubt that this organization will continue to thrive in the future. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend more time working with this organization. I think it would have been interesting to stick around until the end of a session.

Interning with an NGO while simultaneously studying the Hungarian social sector has been an invaluable experience. The amount of knowledge you gain from this program outweighs any knowledge you gain in a traditional classroom or workplace.

Thank you all for the support, and it was my pleasure to share this experience with you all!

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