Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Internship Report: United Way Hungary

Szia, this is Nicole!

Hi this is Kayla! Over the past few weeks we’ve been working together on developing a new website for UWH.

I came to work for UW this summer because I spent last summer working for them in Atlanta, I was interested to see how a different UW operated under the same mission statement in a different country.

I came to work with UW because of my interest in childrens development and my desire to better their outlook on the future.

Our assignment was to re-vamp the UWH website.

Thankfully they already had most things translated into English! So we started by making a new template.

We worked closely with Tamàs Füzesy and Adrienn Koscsò, they were very friendly and extremely open to our suggestions.

My favorite part was selecting the pictures to be displayed in the gallery. It was fascinating to see all the pictures of their previous events because it gave me a good understanding of the organization as a whole.

Working with UWH taught me a lot about the social sector…

I really got to see the challenges they face.

Yes, the culture here is very different from that in Atlanta. There isn’t the same culture of giving which makes it hard for them to fundraise. I think my biggest learnings have been cultural, society here is very different.

One unexpected thing I learned was that working with a partner actually makes learning about the public sector more interesting and made the time at my internship more fun.

Definitely, working with a partner is a totally different dynamic but we had a lot of fun!

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